Howard Besser Discussion @ the YDC Forum

Howard gave a wonderful presentation today! It was a far ranging overview of Digital Media at the University. Howard discussed recent trends, problems with all things digital, approaches to dealing with digital, digital preservation, analog conservation, technology lifecycle, pushing metadata upstream to producers, and understanding the perspective of the community and individual doing the tagging.

The presentation fed right into the community discussion. Kirsten Cartoski started us off with a description of how the video studio works fluidly with folks in the communications and public affairs community to produce, deadline driven, video content. Kevin Glick followed with a wonderful description of the work being done with the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies to supplement analog conservation efforts with digital preservation efforts for over 10,000 video taped testimonies. These two projects stood as bookends to digital content lifecycle and the balance of the session was spent discussing approaches from various units towards pushing metadata upstream.

Many thanks to Howard and the Yale community. It was a very thought provoking session. Be sure to check out Howard's presentation and please add your comments to the blog.

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